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Create a 3D illusion for a profile picture where a 20-year-old boy in a White and Red Hoodie, white shoes, luxury sunglass, Boy standing on the Bonnet of White ROLLC ROYCE MK6, with the name “SR EDITING” written on the number plate and on the Dressing, With a rifle on hand, A white and Red bungalow behind the jeep, 3d Art painting realistic image


Create a 3D illusion for a profile picture where a 20-year-old boy in a blue shirt and red hoodie, white shoes, luxury sunglasses, Boy standing in the sunroof of a Modern car, holding a mobile phone, with the name “SR EDITING” written on the number plate, 3d Art painting realistic image



What is Image Creator?

Image Creator is a product to help users generate AI images with DALL·E 3. Given a text prompt, our AI will generate a set of images matching that prompt.

How do I use Image Creator?

Sign up for a new Microsoft account or log into your existing Microsoft account. New users are granted 15 boosted generations for Image Creator. Your images will be stored for up to 90 days.

Type in any text description you can think of to create a set of AI generated images and enjoy!

Is there a waiting list to use Image Creator?

There is no waiting list or upfront cost. We’re committed to making AI-generated imagery available to all. Anyone can turn their ideas into images

How do I create better prompts?

Creating an image with Image Creator works differently from searching for an image in Bing.

It works best when you’re highly descriptive. So, get creative and add details: adjectives, locations, even artistic styles such as “digital art” or “photorealistic.”

Here’s an example of a how to create a longer, more descriptive prompt:

  • Original prompt: “astronaut”
  • Descriptive prompt: “a close-up photo of an astronaut in a glowing suit made of plasma, as if the galaxy is inside of it, putting on their helmet, but you can’t see their face because of the visor, realistic, film stock, bright colors”

How do Microsoft Rewards work with Image Creator?

If you run out of boosts, you have the option to use Microsoft Rewards to redeem for additional boosts and enjoy faster processing times. When you run out of boosts in Image Creator, you’ll also be reminded that you have the option to redeem Microsoft Rewards points for more boosts

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